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Covid-19 Vaccination and Child Custody Cases

          The release of the Covid-19 vaccine caused a deep division within the United States. As the pandemic continued, and new strains of the virus surged and infected the country, several workplaces and businesses mandated vaccination for employees and...

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Covid-19 Vaccination and Litigation

The rush to get the Covid-19 vaccination to the general public will undoubtedly lead to future litigation in many venues. One such venue will likely be the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Originally established by Congress to provide a level of liability...

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A courageous client of Attorney Verne Paradie is featured on the show Dr’s. She is a survivor of awful physical and sexual assaults, and discusses her experience with the criminal justice system during COVID.

A very brave client of mine was asked to appear on the national television show the Dr’s. I am very fortunate that I was asked to join Melissa as her attorney and be a part of her horrifying experience that lingers on today. Melissa’s sister released a video of...

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A Superior Court judge took the unusual step Friday of granting bail to a Farmington man charged with murdering his infant son 38 years ago.   In setting bail at $10,000 cash or $100,000 surety, Justice Thomas Warren said he didn’t think Burton Hagar, 62, was a flight...

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