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Attorney Rabasco has over 25 years practicing in the areas of worker’s compensation and social security disability.  Attorney Rabasco uses his experience and knowledge in assisting clients applying for disability and representing claimants who have already applied and have been denied.

If you are denied, we guide you through the multi-step appeals process, which includes a hearing before a federal administrative law judge.

What are the Social Security Disability Programs?

The Social Security and Supplemental Security Income disability programs are the largest of several Federal programs that provide assistance to people with disabilities. While these two programs are different in many ways, both are administered by the Social Security Administration and only individuals who have a disability and meet medical criteria may qualify for benefits under either program.

Social Security Disability Insurance pays benefits to you and certain members of your family if you are “insured,” meaning that you worked long enough and paid Social Security taxes.

Supplemental Security Income pays benefits based on financial need. When you apply for either program, we will collect medical and other information from you and your medical providers to submit to the Social Security Administration so that a decision can be made about whether or not you meet social security’s definition of disability.

If you or someone you know is unable to work due to a physical or mental impairment which is expected to last for one year or longer (or may lead to death), you may be qualified to receive disability benefits from the Social Security Administration.

The application process for reviewing SSD benefits can be very difficult, and may require a social security disa­bility attorney. Often, first-time applicants-many of whom are deserving-are denied. Many people who are denied are forced to appeal the decision several times before their claim is accepted.

The appeal process can be tricky.

Hiring an experienced social security disability attorney can help you navigate this difficult process. At The Law Offices of Paradie, Rabasco & Seasonwein P.A. we know which medical reports are important to furnish, how to phrase your application or appeal to best align with SSD approval guidelines, whom to stay in contact with in order to make sure your claim is on track, and, most important, how best to support you through what is often a prolonged and emotional process. Do not get discouraged if you have been denied. Do not give up or leave your case to chance. Call to speak with an experienced social security disability lawyer.

We will fight for you to receive all of the disability benefits the law entitles you to.


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How much in Social Security Benefits can you get?

If you are eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI, or sometimes just SSD) benefits, the amount you re­ceive each month will be based on your average lifetime earn­ings before your disability be­gan. It is not based on how severe your disability is or how much income you have. How­ever, if you are receiving disability payments from other sources your payment may be reduced.

Calculating Your Social Security Disability Payment

The amount of money you will receive from Social Security on a monthly basis is unique for every indi­vidual. This is due to the fact that the Social Securi­ty Administration (SSA) uses a complex weighted formula in order to calculate benefits for each per­son Most SSDI recipients receive between $300 and $2,200. The average SSDI payment in 2013 is $1,132. The maximum disability benefit in 2013 is $2,533 per month.

Social Security Back pay

How much you will receive in back pay is depend­ent on your SSDI monthly amount. How many months of back payments you get will be deter­mined by your application date and your estab­lished date of onset (when your disability started). If you previously applied for disability benefits, you may be able to get bank pay going back to the origi­nal application date.

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