Injury from a Vaccination?

Free Consultation About Filing a Claim in Vaccination Court

People who have been injured from a vaccination, either as a child or adult, may be able to file a claim for money damages in a special court in Washington, DC. This is the only court in the country that accepts these types of specialized cases. Attorney Verne Paradie is one of the few lawyers in the entire country who is qualified and has the necessary experience to appear before the Washington DC court. Attorney Paradie has successfully assisted clients in obtaining compensation in this specialized court for injuries they sustained as the result of vaccinations.  He takes cases nationwide, and he offers free consultations to review potential claims.

What Injuries are Caused by Vaccinations?

While the vaccination injury program was initially set up to compensate victims of injuries caused by childhood vaccinations, the majority of cases in the program now consist of injuries caused to adults from vaccinations such as the flu vaccination.  Those injuries include:


  • Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS)
  • Neurological injuries such as:
    • ADEM
    • Transverse Myelitis
    • Encephalopathy
  • Shoulder injuries related to vaccine administration (SIRVA)
  • Urticaria caused by the HPV vaccination


Why Should You File a Claim in the Vaccination Court in Washington DC?

The vaccination court is located in Washington, D.C., where Attorney Paradie has appeared and successfully argued for compensation for his clients.  His work has resulted in many publicly reported decisions and settlements, which can be viewed on the Court of Federal Claims website.  He has also argued successfully before the Court of Federal Claims regarding an appeal of the vaccination court’s initial decision.

While you do not need to have an attorney to file a claim in the vaccination court, the program often requires you to prove a causal connection between the vaccination and your injuries.  An experienced attorney can help you navigate the program to guarantee that you are adequately compensated, and the vaccination program will pay for your attorney’s time and costs. There is no cost to you for Attorney Paradie’s services.  He will review your case for free and advise you of your options, all without cost or obligation to you.  If he decides to pursue your case in the vaccination court, it will still be at no cost to you.


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