A Greene man is claiming Lowe’s Home Center stores in Auburn and Augusta wouldn’t hire him because he has cancer.


An investigator at the Maine Human Rights Commission who researched the man’s claim concluded there were reasonable grounds to believe that Lowe’s Home Improvement had discriminated against Robert Hack on the basis of a disability by failing to fire him.


Hack had worked at Lowe’s for two months in 2012, but resigned due to complications from cancer, according to Investigator Angela Tizon’s report. He was 64 years old.


A year later, he reapplied for a job with Lowe’s. He applied for eight jobs at the Auburn store in similar positions as the job he’d left a year earlier.


Hack applied for 11 similar positions at Lowe’s Augusta store.


The successful candidates hired had scored highest during the interview. Hack didn’t have the highest interview score, Tizon wrote in her report.


According to Hack, he was… read the story here

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